Women's Health Forum 2022 Recordings

Access recordings from the recent Women's Health Forum held in Cairns on the 21-22 July 2022

Day One

  1. What has happened for women during the pandemic? (Professor Deborah Loxton)
  2. Using intersectionality to increase the social justice reach of sexual and reproductive research: A worked example (Lydia Mainey)
  3. Family planning service provision in Solomon Islands: A case study approach (Relmah Harrington)
  4. Perceptions and practices of utilising sexual and reproductive health services among young university students in Papua New Guinea: a mixed-methods study (Maggie Baigry)
  5. Adolescent sexual and reproductive health and impact of COVID-19 pandemic: Findings from a scoping review (Dr Zohra Lassi)
  6. Social and cultural determinants of sexual health in Papua New Guinea: A critical poetic inquiry. (Dr Michelle Redman-MacLaren / Dr Rachael Tommbe)
  7. Understanding the ‘disease’ of violence against healthcare workers. (Alicia Jacob)
  8. Recognise, Respond, Refer: A Co-design Health Response to Domestic Violence (Micah Projects team)
  9. Exploring androcentricity in medicine, medical research, and education, and the impacts on the experiences of female patients (Dr Lea Merone)
  10. The QLD family cohort study: Understanding the health of QLD women during pregnancy (Professor Vicki Clifton)
  11. e-Perinatal and Infant Mental Health: Supporting bubs and their parents/carers through telepsychiatry (Naomi Kikkawa)
  12. Improving psychosocial outcomes associated with prenatal diagnosis: A codesigned research and training protocol. (Pieta Shakes)
  13. Co-Designing Perinatal Interprofessional Psychosocial Education-Maternity Clinicians (Louise Everitt)
  14. Beyond the CTG: Non-invasive fetal ECG for the intrapartum monitoring of women with complex pregnancies (Dr Deborah Fox)