Purpose & Vision


To improve the health of the northern Queensland population and grow prosperity in the tropical region through an alliance that enhances collective capability in health care, health and medical research, and workforce development.


Improved health for the northern Queensland population and enhanced prosperity for the tropical region.


Excellence in the tropics

A dedication to excellence in research, education and clinical service delivery for the people of tropical northern Queensland.


We value innovation and are committed to continual improvement in all that we do.


We will translate research outcomes into evidence-based practice to improve the health of people in our tropical region.


We will work together across geographic boundaries and disciplines to consolidate and build on our individual strengths.


TAAHC will:

  • Stimulate, support and facilitate the conduct of research and an underpinning research culture;
  • Contribute to an evidence base to inform high quality and innovative healthcare practice;
  • Deliver returns on investment by improving service efficiency;
  • Build a critical mass of intellectual strength;
  • Build national and international networks of research and intellectual expertise;
  • Provide a new platform to build workforce capacity and sustainability;
  • Enhance capacity to attract, recruit and retain high quality clinicians and academics;
  • Enhance the quality of, and access to, teaching, training and continuing professional development for health professionals;
  • Facilitate a shared approach to advocacy on common issues across northern Queensland;
  • Position the region to influence and access funding opportunities; and
  • Drive investment in knowledge-based industries.