Clinician Researcher Fellowship Scheme

The Fellowships are intended to support Tropical Australian Academic Health Centre clinicians to undertake research linked to their practice.

The aim of the Fellowship is to provide protected, guaranteed time for a clinician to undertake research.Through the Fellowship scheme, the Centre effectively ‘purchases’ a portion of a clinician’s time, allowing them to devote a percentage of their time to research activity.

The scheme recognises that clinician researchers (including doctors, nurses, dentists, allied health practitioners and clinical scientists) are best placed to identify health challenges that can benefit from research, lead patient centred research discoveries and facilitate improved service delivery and quality of care through research translation.

Applicants to the scheme must hold a salaried appointment in a clinically related role with one of the Hospital and Health Service Members of TAAHC.

Important dates

Applications to the Clinician Researcher Fellowship Scheme closed 5pm AEST Wednesday 15th September 2021. Funding outcomes can be found here.

All TAAHc funding schemes are currently under review, with the outcomes of that review expected to be finalised in early 2023.

Funding Rules

Funding Rules - TAAHC 2021 Clinician Researcher Fellowship Scheme


Application must be submitted through the SmartyGrants Portal.

A preview of the application form is available here. Note that all applicants will be required to upload a letter of support from their nominated Lead Organisation with their applications. Emerging Clinician Researcher applicants will also be required to upload a letter of support from their nominated Research Mentor.