The Tropical Australian Academic Health Centre undertakes research that is aligned with the distinctive health challenges of the tropical northern Queensland region.

The inherent challenges of health service delivery in northern Queensland and corresponding four focus areas of TAAHC research are shown below:

Challenge: The need to provide services across a vast geographic area to a highly dispersed population with a significant proportion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Corresponding research theme: Service delivery to regional, rural, remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations

Challenge: A chronic disease burden that is per capita greater than the Queensland average, and correspondingly, a population that is less healthy than the Queensland average

Corresponding research theme: Non-communicable diseases with high regional prevalence

Challenge: Current and projected clinical workforce shortages

Corresponding research theme: Innovative health workforce models

Challenge: A location induced health security risk from infectious disease incursions across the northern Australia border

Corresponding research theme: Infectious diseases and biosecurity