Tropical Australian
Academic Health Centre

TAAHC is a research collaboration based in northern Queensland.

TAAHC is a collaboration between the five hospital and health services in northern Queensland – Cairns and Hinterland, Mackay, North West, Torres & Cape and Townsville - the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network and James Cook University and the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine. TAAHC Members have a long history of service delivery, workforce training and innovation aimed at improving health and workforce capacity across a large region with unique health challenges. These challenges include a higher burden of non-communicable diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, the impact of and public health responses to tropical, exotic and infectious diseases including tuberculosis and vector-borne diseases, disparities in access to health care and health outcomes, and the provision of health care over a large geographic area entailing a multidimensional practice environment requiring ‘generalist’ skills and training.

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Torres &


North West



TAAHC Service Regions

TAAHC partners provide health services and tertiary education for over 700,000 people in northern Queensland, from Mackay to the Torres Strait Islands.

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Our Members

Northern Queensland’s highly distributed health care system and largest tertiary education provider are united through membership of TAAHC.