Northern Queensland Coaching Collaboration

The aim of the coaching collaboration is to create a northern Queensland cohort of emerging researchers to promote evidence-based practice and cross fertilise research ideas.

The first cohort of the coaching collaboration commenced in July 2022. Read more about the coaching collaboration below and send us an email at [email protected] if you are interested in joining the next coaching collaboration cohort.

What are the goals of the group?
  • Provide research mentorship to identified HHS staff with a limited research base;
  • Teach research skills;
  • Create research mentorship capacity;
  • Connect professionals within and outside their organisation to expand research support structures;
  • Create formal and informal networks of research-interested and research-active professionals across the Tropical Australian Academic Health Centre (TAAHC) Member HHSs.
What are the criteria for inclusion?
  • Be a staff member from a TAAHC Member Organisation (i.e., CHHHS, MHHS NWHHS, TCHHS, THHS, NQPHN, or QAIHC) interested in increasing your understanding and application of research to improve patient care.
  • Have completed some research training (eg in a higher degree with a research component) AND/OR have a keen interest to pursue research in their organisation.
  • Be familiar with the local research environment (e.g., where the HHS/QAIHC is based).
  • Be interested in teaching research skills to others.
  • Commit 4 hours per fortnight over the course of 1 year:
    • 2 hours a fortnight to engage in research capacity building group work; and
    • 2 hours a fortnight to teach the skills learned to HHS team members.
  • Have this commitment agreed upon with your division and/or Clinical Director (i.e. the relevant person with the authority to approve the release of your time).
What do you receive in return?
  • Small group education on how to read, appraise and explain research to others;
  • Confidence to teach other people in your team your new-found skills;
  • A small allowance to support your own research and/or professional development (held by TAAHC and accessed upon request after a minimum of 8 months attendance and engagement)