How to create an ORCID ID

To create an ORCID profile:

Go to the Registration Page

  • Enter your details and follow the prompts to create your profile
  • Once you have registered with ORCID, you will have a page that displays your name and your ORCID
  • Click on the pencil symbol to edit any of the fields on your ORCID
  • For each field, make sure the green people symbol is selected, so that the field is public (everyone can see it)

While it is possible to add works manually, we recommend that you permit trusted organizations to add/update this information for you - look for the green iD icon next time you submit a paper, book chapter, or book. For information on how to  add works to your ORCID yourself, see links below.

Further information

How to register for an ORCID iD (video)
Add works to your ORCID record
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