Researcher Profiles

Help us keep track of research and translation across TAAHC

Establishing your digital identity as a researcher allows you to communicate and promote your work. It also allows us to identify and showcase the breadth and depth of research occuring across all TAAHC partners.


ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier (an ORCID iD) that you own and control. Having an ORCID will:

  • Distinguish your research activities and outputs from other researchers with similar names
  • Track your research activities and outputs, even if you have changed your name or use variations of your name
  • Present all your research activities and outputs, including publications, grants and datasets, in one place
  • Connect to the global research community, making your research outputs more discoverable
  • Enable more accurate tracking of your citations and other recognition of your research

Learn how to create an ORCID ID.

Google Scholar Profile

A Google Scholar profile is a simple way to keep track of citations to your research outputs that are indexed in Google Scholar. Once you have set-up up a Google Scholar profile you can see who is citing your publications, obtain a graph of your citations over time and a number of citation metrics. If you make your profile public, it will appear in Google Scholar when people search your name.

Learn how to create a Google Scholar profile.


ResearchGate connects you with other researchers in your field, allows you to track your publications, lets you make your own research visible (including making publicly unpublished work publicly available) and helps you discover content relevant to your work.

Learn how to create a ResearchGate profile.