Research Assistance Scheme

The Research Assistance Scheme is intended to support researchers by providing access to assistance to undertake a specific project or program of research.

The scheme recognises that researchers often require access to people with skills in areas such as data entry, management of ethics and governance applications and preparation of grant applications to undertake their research. The Research Assistance scheme funding can be used to engage a person or persons with specific research support skills required to undertake a specific project or program of research.

Applicants must hold an appointment with a TAAHC Founding Member or a general practice provider in the TAAHC region.

Important Dates

The Research Assistance Scheme will open for applications four times a year. Applications will continue to be accepted until the funding pool is exhausted or until the final 2020 application round if funds are not exhausted.

Round 1 application dates

Applications open: 18 February 2020
Applications close: Closing date extended from 18 March to 5pm AEST 31 March 2020

Apply now

Download the TAAHC Research Assistance Scheme Funding Rules and Expression of Interest form for more information on the application process.