Situated in the middle of the Queensland coast, the Mackay region includes the 74 coastal islands of the Whitsundays, lush sub-tropical rainforests and the scenic Pioneer Valley.

Traditionally known as the ‘sugar capital’ of Australia, the region is also widely recognised as the gateway to the Bowen Basin coal mining reserves. The population of the region is spread across over 30 townships, small rural settlements and rural residential areas.

TAAHC Members

Hospital services in the region are provided by the Mackay Hospital and Health Service.

The Mackay Base Hospital hosts the James Cook University Medical Education Unit and the Mackay facility of the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM). Occupational Health and Safety is a major focus of AITHM in Mackay.

TAAHC Member the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) also maintains an office in Mackay. The NQPHN is a not-for-profit organization funded by the Australian Government to commission services to meet the health needs and priorities of the northern Queensland region from the Torres Strait to Mackay regions.