Townsville Health Research Showcase

Townsville Health Research Showcase

 The Townsville Health Research Showcase will take place from 27 – 29 October 2020.

See the Townsville Health Research Showcase website for more information and to join the online audience for the below events.

Tuesday, 27 October 2020: Keynote speaker - Professor Paul Glasziou
12.00pm - 1.30pm

Director, Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare, Bond University

The 2020 keynote speaker is Professor Paul Glasziou, Professor of Evidence-Based Practice at Bond University and the Director of the Institute for Evidence Based Healthcare.

Prof Glasziou was the Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in Oxford from 2003-2010. His key research interests include identifying and removing the barriers to using high quality research in everyday clinical practice.

He is a leader within the Reward Alliance, investigating research waste and promoting better prioritisation, design, conduct, regulation, management and reporting of health research.

Other research interests include overdiagnosis and overtreatment, general practice, uptake of evidence for non-drug interventions, and automation of systematic review processes.

Tuesday, 27 October: Kidneys and Livers and Divers, Oh My!
1.30PM - 4.30PM

Topics include how to provide safe, efficient, effective, and sustainable services.

Wednesday morning, 28 October 2020: From innovation to outcomes
8.45AM - 12.30PM

Topics cover leading excellence and innovation with a focus on individual healthcare outcomes.

Wednesday afternoon, 28 October 2020: Homegrown
1.30PM - 4.30PM

Findings from Past THHS SERTA Grant Recipients and a presentation from TAAHC.